Terms and Conditions


Akahia.com is a market platform that connects buyers and sellers for purposes of buying, selling and delivery of goods and services.

Acceptance of Terms
Any registered user of akahia.com is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the platform. Modifications of Terms
The management of akahia.com reserves the right to modify the terms of akahia.com from time to time.


As a registered user, you ought to always access your risks.

You are responsible for your safety and engagements outside this platform.


To be eligible to be a member of this platform, the user must be above 18years of age.

Account Registration

a. Every user must have a registered account with the platform.

b. The user’s phone number must be registered with NIN

c. The user must have a verifiable profile picture.

User Obligations

a. The user has an obligation to subscribe

c. The user may not be able to access some features of the platform without subscription

Prohibited Activities

Illegal, illicit and unlawful activities are generally prohibited in this platform


Creating Listings
A subscribed user can list and advertise his/her goods and services

Content Guidelines
The admin may from time to time create listings or state procedures for listing of goods and services on the platform

Prohibited Items

a. Generally, all illegal, illicit and unlawful items are prohibited on this platform

b. The selling and buying of firearms and ammunitions are prohibited

c. The selling of stolen items are prohibited

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights shall be protected

Pricing and Payments

Akahia.com is not responsible for stipulating prices of goods and methods of payments.

Product Descriptions and Accuracy

Every seller has an obligation to describe his/her goods and services and to ensure that the descriptions are accurate and not misleading


Akahia.com deal with communications and interactions as it relates to buying and selling in the platform.

We are not responsible for communications and interactions which fall outside the business of the platform.

User Communications

a. Akahia.com deal with communications and interactions as it relates to buying and selling of goods and services on the platform

b. We are not responsible for communications amd interactions which fall outside the business of the platform

Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of the informations of buyers and sellers shall be guaranteed

Feedback and Reviews

a. Buyers are encouraged to give feedbacks and reviews as it relates to the quality of goods bought, the fastness of the delivery, etc.

b. Sellers can also contest the reviews

c. The Management of akahia.com will be impartial judges.

Reporting Violations

Every user can report any violation of rules in the platform to the admins


Buying and Selling

Payment Methods

a. The methods of payment are to be agreed between the buyer and seller.

b. There is no fixed method of payment.

Transaction Disputes

All transaction disputes can be reported to the admins of the platform who shall consider same and make requisite orders.

Refunds and Returns

There shall be refunds and returns of failed transactions and items


Ownership of Content

The ownership of intellectual property works are guaranteed and protected

License Grant

License shall be guaranteed by the requisite body responsible

Copyright Infringement

Infringement of copyright shall be actionable


Termination of Services

Akahia.com reserves the right to remove or fine an erring user who is into fraudulent activities of any kind or a user who fakes account.

Where possible, we can report to the police for prosecution.

Suspension of Accounts

a. Akahia.com can also suspend the account of an erring member.

b. Akahia.com can also deactivate the account of a member who has failed to subscribe.

c. When subscription is due, a reminder will always be sent to the member and a grace of about two days or more will be given before deactivation.

d. When an account is deactivated, there will be payment of some penalty before reactivation.


The liability of akahia.com will be limited only with respect to buying and selling within the platform.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The laws in force in Fedral Republic of Nigeria shall be applicable.

The High Court of Nigeria shall have jurisdiction

10. Miscellaneous

The management of the platform may from time to time change or amend any of the rule(s) governing the platform.